Fork It Fresh From The Farm


Fresh food delivered to your door

Fresh & Naturally Grown.

fresh fruits

& veggies

Fresh vegetables and fruit, free of harmful chemicals.


Natural Crops

Crops native to the area, naturally grown. We’re conducting research on native crop cultivation.


 We raise Cage-free layers and meat chicken raised and fed naturally with care.



Fresh Poultry

& Eggs


Fresh veggies delivered straight to your door

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Bar H Fresh Farms is a family-owned farm with over 100 years of farming experience. As fourth-generation homestead farmers, with a proud legacy, a rich history and tradition stemming from Nicodemus, Kansas, the first all-black settlement west of the Mississippi, we're happy to bring our passion for farming and decades of expertise to your plate.



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Hello Community,


We would like to share a great opportunity that will benefit you and your family. Please join us in becoming a member of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Offering.


Bar H Fresh Farms LLC’s Community Supported Agriculture is the perfect opportunity for you to support our community, and reap the benefits of a tasty harvest! Our CSA allows for individuals and families to buy into a seasonal membership, in which,  you prepay for the season and in return receive a variety of delivered food. These foods include freshly picked fruits & vegetables, whole chickens, and occasionally select cuts of beef and pork to your door.


Please be mindful that all members and the farmer share in the risk of growing seasonal food. Although the probability is low, and God forbid, these risks may include the occurrence of drought, crop failure, insect infestations, or storms. These risks can potentially affect crop yields, and the amount of food delivered to your home.


We are excited and beginning to prepare for the 2021 spring planting season. We would love to have you be a part of our Bar H Fresh Farms LLC Community Supported Agriculture family. Currently, we are offering seasonal farm share memberships to everyone, with a fee between $500-$750 (depending on your package selection). * Ask about using SNAP!*


If you are interested in supporting your community and enjoying naturally grown food delivered fresh to your door, please contact us.


When contacted, we will explain our payment process, in which we offer a variety of flexible installment options. In addition, we will solidify a delivery schedule that works best with you and provide you with our Fresh Food survey. Our survey will allow you to place your input on which vegetables could be grown for our 2021 growing season. We will also set up a delivery schedule that works with you, and celebrate you becoming a part of the team.


Again, please let us know what food you are interested in growing for the spring 2021 growing season, by completing the survey below. Please click the link below and fill out our survey.


We appreciate your time, and really look forward to you joining our Bar H CSA team!


Stay, Safe, Healthy and Support Localized, & Black Owned Businesses!









Survey Link:

Fresh Farm Survey

Bar H Fresh Farms


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Bi-weekly delivery


Assorted Veggie Box


1 doz. Eggs



Bi-weekly delivery


Assorted Veggie Box


 1 doz. Eggs




1-Monthly Whole chicken

Bi-weekly delivery


Assorted Veggie Box


2 doz. Eggs




2-Monthly Whole chickens

Only $500 $575 after April 12th Only $625 $675 after April 12th Only $750 $800 after April 12th

*Ask about on-demand purchases.

**We offer special rate non-localized shipping prices.

A deposit of $150.00 is due at enrollment. The remaining balance is due April 20th. You may make payments at anytime and in any amount.

Bi-weekly deliveries are made during the summer season, approximately mid-June through mid-October.

These plans may not fulfill all of your produce needs.  It's dependent on your personal eating habits and amount of consumption. Shareholders assume the same risks with the farmer.


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Phone: (720) 935-0170

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